From day one at Flint Hill, students learn our core values and quickly become steeped in our culture of character and ethos of teamwork.

Our values are not words we use lightly — they are the foundation and measure of all we do. We are cultivating tomorrow’s compassionate leaders who have the courage to make a difference.

Our Core Values

Respect and value all equally
Lead and support with compassion
Act with integrity
Imagine what’s possible
Blaze the trail

The Husky Promise

When Flint Hill students understand what it means to be a Husky, they understand the benefits of teamwork in the most profound and practical ways. More than merely our mascot, Huskies are part of our cultural ethos. It starts in the Lower School when students learn the Husky Promise:

“Today I promise to do my best; to respect myself, others and my world; to be a responsible and honest Husky; and to show compassion to all.”

Embedded in this promise are our core values and the fundamental belief that we each pull the sled so that we all cross the finish line together.

The Middle School Social Contract

Flint Hill’s core values are integrated into Middle School life through the division’s Social Contract. During the first few weeks of each school year, every homeroom and advisory drafts a Social Contract, which is then refined by grade level, and ultimately adopted by consensus and signed by each member of the Middle School. As a statement of beliefs representing the School’s core values and the desired social climate for the division, the Social Contract serves as the aspirational ground rules for every member of the Middle School community. To ensure that our actions align with the Contract, students and teachers continually work on modeling and practicing the expected behaviors and routines.

The Core Values Commitment Ceremony

At the beginning of the academic year, every student, teacher and staff member in the Upper School signs our Core Values Commitment Board to represent their dedication to upholding our core values as they engage in the Upper School community.