Cara Peterson ’10 Shares Mental Health Resource for the Upper School


Flint Hill alumnae Cara Peterson is an author, public speaker, artist and a high school teacher. She graduated from Duke University in 2015, majoring in women’s studies and public policy, and currently teaches history and media literacy at an all-girls school in New Orleans. She is the author of the upcoming book “The Effortless Perfection Myth” about the gender issues today’s women run into in college.

This Saturday, Cara will be speaking at an event called "Feminist Camp," hosted by Tulane University and organized by Soapbox Speakers. She invites the Flint Hill Upper School community and says, “It is going to be on female collegiate mental health, and I think it could be a pertinent topic for seniors and parents of juniors/seniors. The Head of Upper School at the Louise S. McGehee School, where I currently teach in New Orleans, and a couple of other [New Orleans] schools will be sending this info out to seniors and parents of juniors/seniors. I'm hoping you all will consider doing so, as well. I'd love to reach as many individuals as possible regarding this important topic/message.”

Her presentation is titled “Mental Health is Not a Contest: How the Effortless Perfection Myth Warps Our Understanding of What’s 'Allowed' to Count as Struggle.” It will be livestreamed on Saturday, December 4, at noon. Sign up for a free livestream of Cara’s session here.