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Updated 8/13/20 

Plans for Fall 2020 - We've reopened and we're thriving

Flint Hill continues to share a wide range of updates with current families. The purpose of this page is to provide relevant updates regarding our plans for the fall to prospective families. As noted in the 2020-21 Campus Reopening Plan below, classes for all students will begin on Tuesday, September 8. Additional information regarding important dates for the 2020-21 school year is available in the Reopening Plan.

Guiding Principles

  • The health and wellness of the Flint Hill community are paramount.
  • We are committed to doing all we can to mitigate health risks for our teachers, staff, students and families. As much as is possible, students will be in cohorts. By limiting cross-cohort contact, we can mitigate the risk of exposure and if there is a positive case, help to contain the spread within the community.
  • Our core values of act with integrity, lead and support with compassion, and respect and value all equally — especially combined with our new values of "imagine what's possible" and "blaze the trail" — have never been more important. The mindset needed to blaze a trail has allowed us to develop thoughtful plans in the midst of a crisis. The courage to imagine what’s possible challenges us to imagine what education might look like in the future and begin to make changes that will serve us now and then.
  • Thriving in the midst of this situation will require all Huskies to take an active role in making daily health choices that help protect our community.
    We are a student-centered school and will continue to put “what is best for them” at the center of all planning and discussions.
  • The external environment, including health conditions, medical knowledge about COVID-19 and guidance from regional and national officials, is changing on a frequent, sometimes daily, basis. This requires Flint Hill to be nimble and constantly reconsider, and as necessary, adapt our 2020-21 plans.
  • The important work of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Virginia Department of Health, Virginia Department of Education, Virginia Council for Private Education, Association of Independent Schools of Greater Washington, Virginia Association of Independent Schools, National Association for Independent Schools and other organizations, medical professionals, HVAC specialists, cleaning experts, personal protective equipment providers and other experts contributes significantly to our planning.
  • The private school sector is a highly collaborative industry. From the outset we have leveraged our local, regional, state, national and international networks to learn from one another. We are highly engaged with our counterparts as we prepare for the fall.
  • Every Husky family will be respected and supported as they make their individual education choices for 2020-21.

Campus Reopening Plan

Flint Hill's Campus Reopening Plan is available online here.

If you have more specific questions about our fall 2020 plans or would like to explore a partnership with Flint Hill where your child can begin to blaze their trail, please schedule a phone call or virtual meeting hereWe are now accepting applications for the 2021-22 school year.



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