Advanced Biology – Modern Genetics

This course provides an overview of the principles of genetics, including Mendelian and modern concepts of heredity. Developments in molecular genetics will be addressed through the chemistry and physiology of the gene, and the nature of gene action in prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells. Topics may include natural genetic variation in populations, the structure and function of genes and chromosomes, genetic variation and evolution (selection for function, phylogeny, homologs, and gene families), mitosis and meiosis, mating, linkage and sex linkage, genetic analysis, investigating gene action using inheritance of simple (‘‘Mendelian’’) alleles and phenotypes in crosses and pedigrees, organelle genetics, epigenetic inheritance, genome structure, function and evolution, feedback loops and homeostasis, and the structure of sugar molecules and their use in making organic molecules. Modeling Physics, Chemistry, or department approval is a prerequisite for this course. (Semester, .50 credit)