AP® Environmental Science

This course emphasizes how ecosystems and the biosphere have functioned sustainably for millennia, and the present impact of people and society on the environment. Students enrolled in this laboratory-based course participate in discussions, hands-on activities in the laboratory and field, field trips and research projects. The syllabus focuses on the processes of science, the role of energy in all systems, interconnections between biotic and abiotic elements, the role of people in environmental change, and sustainability of environmental and societal systems. The course integrates aspects of earth science, biology, chemistry, physics and social sciences. We study not only the environmental problems caused by man, but also the potential solutions to them, and many of the success stories resulting from man’s efforts to solve these problems. This course requires two additional class periods and meets six class periods per six-day cycle. It is preferable for each student to have previously taken Physics, Chemistry and Biology, but they are not prerequisites. Students may take this course with departmental approval. (Full year, 1 credit)