AP® Physics II: Algebra-Based

AP® Physics II is an algebra-based course that explores topics such as fluid statics and dynamics; thermodynamics with kinetic theory; PV diagrams and probability; electrostatics; electrical circuits with capacitors; magnetic fields; electromagnetism; physical and geometric optics; and quantum, atomic, and nuclear physics. It is the equivalent of a second semester of algebra-based introductory college-level physics. Therefore, a strong record of accomplishment in math is suggested. Because this college semester course is taught over the course of a high school year, there is time to foster deeper conceptual understanding through student-centered and inquiry-based instruction. Students have the time to master foundational physics principles inside of a regular class rotation (no separate laboratory period is required).

AP® Physics II is designed to be a second-year physics course, and can therefore be taken after AP® Physics I or following a strong freshman physics experience, along with a recommendation from the physics teacher. Students may take this course with departmental approval. (Full year, 1 credit)