This course is a preparation for students who plan to pursue Art III – Honors and Portfolio Exhibition – Honors. Using a wide variety of media, students explore drawing, painting, printmaking and sculpture. In drawing, students learn about perspective, visual measuring, landscape, still life and room interiors. In painting, students learn about color, light, abstraction and design, and work with water, acrylic, and oil-based paints. In printmaking, students learn about linoleum reduction and monoprinting with oil and water-based materials. They explore the nature of working in multiple media. In sculpture, students work from models on figure and portrait sculptures. In ceramics, students prepare clay and learn how to build, handle, fire and store ceramics. Students learn how to evaluate their own work and the work of others by participating in class critiques. Each student is expected to maintain a personal sketchbook throughout the year. Field trips to major museums are often offered as part of this course. Art I is a prerequisite to this course, or permission from the instructor is required. (Full year, 1 credit)