Art III – Honors

The focus for this course is the advanced study of studio art. Students choose the media they most want to pursue with advice and guidance from the faculty. During the course, students develop proficiency in the techniques, tools and compositional elements that develop the voice of the student in her or his chosen media. Selected media may include drawing, painting, sculpture, collage, photography, artist books and more, or the course may mix media. The course emphasizes content awareness, and how content informs and forms work. Students are asked to investigate areas of historical and critical interest to their practice, and are expected to communicate a point of view, present ideas and discuss their own work in critical terms. During the second semester, all students produce a proposal for a body of work and prepare to present their 15 best works at the end of the semester. Students work to develop their drawing skills throughout the semester. Art II is a prerequisite to this course, or permission from the instructor is required. (Full year, 1 credit)