A thematic study of the global revolutions of the 19th and 20th centuries, this ninth-grade course develops students’ understanding of the modern world. Through a combination of primary and secondary sources, students examine the major cultural, political, economic, social, and intellectual trends that shaped and continue to influence Western thought and society. Specific themes include the roots of change, the role of leadership, and the quest for rights. Learning activities and assessments develop students’ ability to read for meaning, interpret primary sources, apply concepts, analyze events and ideas from multiple perspectives, write thesis-driven essays, support historical arguments, and organize, integrate, and document information for research. Students are expected to refine their analytical and interpretive communication skills as they develop a critical awareness of modern world history. They also engage in independent work with less scaffolding and must be capable of pulling main ideas from readings so that class time can be used to emphasize in-depth discussions of the content and critical thinking skills. (Full year, 1 credit)