This course explores issues of contemporary significance to trace history backward in order to understand the root of any given event. The course proceeds by region and covers the Middle East, Asia, Africa, Latin America, and Europe. In addition, students participate in a unit on Social Justice from a global perspective. This skills-based course focuses on news analysis, debate skills, public speaking, website and infographic building, iMovie editing, historical fiction, digital timeline creation, oral history, and research skills and writing. The honors course has an increased reading load and nightly homework allocation. Culminating assessments are more in-depth with regard to content and detail. While all students present a research paper in conjunction with an oral history interview, students at the honors level are required to write a longer paper and produce a longer and more in-depth video. Students at the honors level are expected to already have strong writing skills and cover more content outside of the class. (Full year, 1 credit)