Social media has fundamentally disrupted industries from journalism and education to entrepreneurship and technology. This class will study essential questions regarding the evolving purpose of social media and the ways in which innovators are using social media to change the landscape of professional industries across the globe. Through extensive research and written work, students will examine distinct topics such as branding, hacking, censorship and the future of the internet and social media. Students will select and investigate an industry disrupted by social media and present their findings through blog posts, podcasts, and vodcasts. By following industry leaders, students will develop an understanding of personal branding and content marketing as they learn to create their own industry-specific social media content. Students are also expected to be constant consumers of social media as they curate their own personalized learning networks to help them analyze trends and developments within industries of their choice. This networking will help students sculpt their own digital portfolio and personal branding, thus preparing them for success in a constantly changing and highly networked global economy. This course is cross-listed as a History elective. (Semester, .5 credit)