This course focuses on the relationship between the evolution and interactions of life on Earth, and the physical and chemical processes that shape the world. The initiation and evolution of life through time is intricately linked to extraterrestrial (e.g., the delivery of major elements to Earth, the formation of the solar system, bolide impacts, and extinction events), tectonic (the movement of continents across the surface of the Earth), biological (competition, reproduction, DNA, and metabolism), and chemical (ocean chemistry and nutrient supply) processes, and how they interact. Therefore, the course involves the interplay of all the major disciplines, including physics, biology, chemistry, astronomy, and earth science. This course requires students to use their knowledge to reproduce and explain the major features of the history of life, and includes laboratory activities, modeling exercises, and long-term scientific investigations wherein students assemble information learned throughout the year and obtained from outside sources. Projects are intended to mimic the experience of scientific discovery through the assimilation of multiple data sets. Chemistry is a prerequisite for this course. (Semester, .50 credit)