On weekly field trips to local parks from Delaware Bay to Shenandoah National Park, students investigate the local flora, fauna, geology and ecology. Insect watching, eating wild edibles, stream surveys, botany, frog surveys and searching for fossils are all interesting ways to learn about ecosystems. A major component of the course is ornithology (the study of birds), especially in the companion course, outlined below. This course meets for only three class periods each six-day cycle; the remaining time is spent on field trips. More field trips are offered than are required, making it possible for students to avoid major conflicts with other activities. These field trips may be after school, before school, or either for a half-day or a full-day on weekends. Another important component of this course is working on the campus to make it a better wildlife habitat. This course can be taken in any of the four quarters or in multiple quarters. Each quarter offers different opportunities to experience nature based on the season. This course is open to any student in 9th-12th grade. (Quarter, .25 credit)