Functions, Trigonometry and Statistics

This course builds upon the concepts introduced in Algebra II and introduces a number of essential topics from Pre-Calculus. The function topics stressed in this course include function attributes (such as domain, range, increasing, decreasing, average rate of change, extrema, and intercepts), a comprehensive study of the different types of functions (including linear, quadratic, exponential, logarithmic, rational, and polynomial), modeling problems using regressions of these types of functions, applications of systems of linear equations, combinations of functions, and inverse functions. The trigonometric topics stressed in this course include the definition of all six trigonometric functions, solving right triangles and right triangle application problems, area of a triangle, basic trigonometric identities, circular trigonometry, graphs (sine, cosine, and tangent), and applications of trigonometric functions. In addition, students are exposed to the basics of statistics. Students are placed in this course by recommendation and with permission of the Upper School Academic Dean (Full year, 1 credit)