Homeroom teachers are involved in all aspects of students’ lives at school and are strong advocates for each child. Their role is to nurture and support each student’s social, emotional, academic and physical growth.

During the first six weeks of school, the homeroom teacher takes time to get to know each student and to establish a warm, welcoming and predictable classroom environment in which children feel safe and believe they can succeed. All homeroom teachers are trained in the Responsive Classroom approach and use procedures such as the Morning Meeting, Guided Discovery, Interactive Modeling, Rule Creation and Logical Consequences in their classrooms, providing consistency from one homeroom to another.

With support from the director of the Lower School, department chairs, and his/her grade-level team, the homeroom teacher plans the grade level instructional programs, activities, field trips and field studies. The homeroom teacher is responsible for ongoing student assessment, for student learning and communication with parents/guardians. The homeroom teacher is a liaison between all specialist teachers and serves as a central point of contact for all information about each student. When necessary, the homeroom teacher works closely with the director of counseling, learning specialists and the divisional administration to support students’ needs.