Independent Study

The goal for this course is to provide students with a framework for pursuing individual academic interests and projects. To allow students the time to engage with their interests, students in the course only meet once per cycle to build a common skill set and community. Additionally, students must schedule one-on-one time with the instructor (who functions as the advisor for each project) in each cycle in order to receive guidance and feedback on progress.

Students who are well-suited for the course should feel comfortable with self-directed learning (or hope to actively grow this skill), and should have a particular topic in mind or a project they have been working on outside of school for which they would like school time and support. Students interested in this course must submit a proposal explaining their topic or project of interest and the goals for the project. Applications are evaluated based on seriousness of purpose and adequate previous demonstration that students can succeed within a flexible learning environment. This course can be taken multiple times throughout 9th-12th grade, if appropriate. (Semester, .50 credit)