As the world becomes more interconnected and dependent upon groups collaborating to find solutions, Mathematical Modeling is becoming increasingly important for all students. In this fall semester course, students learn how to work in groups and collaborate in a mathematical modeling project. Undertaking several projects over the course of the semester, they incorporate working knowledge of many different levels of math and several disciplines, including statistics, physics, environmental science, biology, economics, English, finance and history. Working on some model problems from HiMCM and the Moody’s Challenge prepares them for the HiMCM Contest in the month of November. Juniors and seniors can also compete in the Moody’s M3 Challenge in the spring. Students learn how to research, organize and present their findings in a report. They are able to create an executive summary, present the solution to their problem, and discuss the limitations of the solution. Students must have taken or must be concurrently enrolled in Algebra II/Trigonometry – Honors or Pre-Calculus as a prerequisite for this course. (Fall semester, .50 credit)