Students at this level are considering a greater degree of individual involvement in visual art. The focus for this course is to create a personal portfolio of art. The goals for the portfolio may include cohesive works in a single medium and multimedia work within a single discipline or a project that conceptually combines ideas and skills from various disciplines. Students develop their own artist’s integrity and refine their skills in order to present a culminating statement in their chosen discipline. Typically, the culminating statement connects the artist’s personal work with the culture at large. Students investigate particular areas of historical or critical interest at greater length and according to their own needs and interests. Students at this level should be able to communicate a point of view, present ideas in a meaningful way and discuss work in critical terms. All work leads toward the completion of a 20-piece body of work and formal exhibit. Art III – Honors is a prerequisite to this course. Students may take this course with departmental approval. (Full year, 1 credit)