Have you always had an interest in a science topic but never had the time to study it in great depth? Have you ever had a question pop into your curious mind that you wished you could investigate to discover the answer? This course allows students to pursue a scientific topic of interest in great depth. In the first semester, the students collaborate to select a field biology study question, design, and perform research to attempt to find an answer. Several scientists also visit the class during the first semester to discuss their research to give firsthand accounts of how to design research projects and how to analyze the data. In the second semester, each student designs and performs his/her own individual research on a topic of interest, or participates in a research team in a local laboratory or university. This course is open to any student in 9th-12th grade. Successful completion of this unique course often opens doors for students who want to conduct research at their future college or university. (Full year, 1 credit)