The Wellness and Life Skills program contains three core areas of focus. The first is teaching students to identify emotions, perceive and recognize others’ perspectives, solve problems and manage emotions. The second focuses on mindfulness. Using a research-based curriculum, students are taught skills which build resilience to stress and anxiety, and develop a positive mindset in both school and life. The third focus is preventing, recognizing and identifying bullying behaviors, and students learn that bullying behaviors can be both physical and/or relational in nature. We emphasize the need for kind works, inclusionary practices, avoiding mean teasing and reporting bullying behavior.

Throughout the year, students are encouraged to make “The Husky Promise” a daily reality. Developing honesty, respect, responsibility and compassion is encouraged through literature, individual conferences and class meetings. Students are able to identify a wide range of feelings and learn to read body language and facial expressions in various situations, allowing them to understand empathy and gain a wider perspective of others’ feelings. Students begin to consider the impact of their choices on themselves and their peers. Particular emphasis is placed on making good decisions, treating others with care and reflecting on choices that have been made. Through stories and role play, children learn about bullying behavior. Our goal is to help students develop into caring, self-confident members of the classroom community.