Specialist teachers include faculty who teach art, computer science, library, music, physical education, movement and Spanish. Because this group teaches students for multiple years, they have a deep knowledge of the developmental, social and academic growth of each student. These in-depth perspectives enable each specialist teacher to quickly understand and build upon students’ learning from year to year, and to provide insight, based on past and present work with the students, to the homeroom teacher.

All specialist teachers are trained in the Responsive Classroom approach and incorporate and adapt Responsive Classroom procedures, such as Morning Meeting, Guided Discovery, Interactive Modeling and Logical Consequences into their classroom environments. At the start of the year, specialist teachers consider the homeroom rules and generate a set of rules and expectations that are reinforced in all of their classrooms. Specialist teachers play an in-depth and important role in supervising students on the playground, in lunch rooms, during carpool and at special events, continually supporting and reinforcing appropriate student expectations and behaviors.