Third Grade Language Arts

The aim of the program at this level is to enhance the skills students need to become independent and strategic readers, writers and thinkers. Using the structure of the Daily 5, in small groups or partnerships, students read independently and from a variety of genres including poetry, short stories and novels. We emphasize more advanced comprehension strategies, including investigating the author’s purpose, exploring character development and identifying themes. In addition, students use the CAFE strategies to build comprehension, accuracy, fluency and expand their vocabulary. Spelling and vocabulary building are also integrated through targeted word study work. Students examine words to discover spelling regularities and patterns and increase their knowledge of the meaning of words. Students also learn strategies for noticing and understanding new words.

The class integrates reading and writing as much as possible as students learn to read as writers and write as readers. In Writing Workshop, students plan, draft, revise, edit and publish poetry, personal narratives, nonfiction, persuasive advertising, blogs and fiction. Students work to improve their use of detailed sentences, complete with capital letters, proper punctuation and purposeful grammar. Students learn to deliberately craft their language and to experiment on the page with their audience and purpose in mind. They also emulate writers they love and try new strategies found in the texts read in class. Cursive handwriting skills are taught and strengthened through use of the Handwriting Without Tears curriculum.