We have two main goals in Library: to help students become successful seekers, users and integrators of information from many sources, and to promote reading as a lifelong skill and pleasure. Skills to seek, evaluate and synthesize information are implemented across the grades at developmentally appropriate levels. Each class also features a read-aloud story and discussion to help students develop a love of language along with an appreciation for literature. Students are encouraged to seek out their areas of interest from our rich collection of both physical and virtual resources. Research and citation skills are reinforced in the homeroom with instruction and support from the librarian.

Students focus on seeking information efficiently and finding appropriate resources. Lessons focus on navigating print and electronic resources, and the skills needed to become effective users of the online catalog and databases. A unit on tall tales introduces students to American colloquial language, with a discussion of narrative voice and genre elements. Students participate in the creation of printed works in a unit on the evolution of printing and binding, with hands on letterpress printing. Students check out up to three books per class but may exchange them for others at any time.