From The Head of School

April 12, 2023

Flint Hill Families, 

As this message hits your inboxes, a massive contingent of Flint Hill Upper School students will be in the final moments before taking the stage at our annual Arts Jam performance at George Mason University.  

This special event is, in effect, a culminating celebration of countless hours of hard work, growth and creativity for our musicians, actors and dancers. It is also complemented by our Upper School Visual Arts Show (next Wednesday evening on the Upper School campus), and performances of Mamma Mia! at the end of the month. Each of these events is free and open to the public, and all offer the opportunity to celebrate a major component of our Flint Hill experience — the arts.  

Over the course of this year, I have spoken with many Husky community members about my hopes for Flint Hill to excel in three areas: academics, arts and athletics. While there are many avenues for our Huskies to thrive, great independent schools like Flint Hill often seek to ensure that we’re meeting our hopes for student growth through the lenses of these three distinct experiences — ideally, each on an equally impactful level for our students. 

They are by no means exclusive of one another; in fact, tonight, we’ll see outstanding performances from students who view themselves as artists, as well as others whose primary outlet may be on the athletic fields and courts, and others who view themselves as true academicians. Most importantly, tonight is an opportunity for us to recognize that the skills on display — creativity, collaboration, hard work and versatility — span disciplines, experiences and backgrounds, ensuring that all students grow to be their best selves, true to our Mission and Core Values.   

I am incredibly grateful for the diverse and dynamic faculty and staff — in this moment, particularly our 16 outstanding Fine Arts faculty members — who have poured their hearts into our Huskies in the lead-up to these performances and presentations to our community. If you find yourself or your family humming any number of tunes from tonight’s performance — including symphonic renditions of Handel or a contemporary take on a Bruno Mars hit — please thank our Upper School performers and their teachers for this joyous gift.  

I hope to see you at any and all of these great events this month.

Go Huskies!


Patrick McHonett
Head of School