From The Head of School

April 26, 2023

“Flint Hill changed my life.”  

These words were said to me by a member of our Class of 1968 when she and many of her classmates celebrated their 55th reunion this month. Their class was one of many that gathered for a jam-packed alumni weekend, which also included alumni athletic recognitions, our Class of 2013 opening their 10-year time-capsules and our inaugural community celebration, A Night on the Hill.  

Every returning alumnus I spoke to throughout the weekend shared a similar theme of their Flint Hill experience – caring teachers who truly saw and believed in them, sometimes in the face of adversity, or simply at a time in their lives when they needed it most. 

I heard story after story about Husky classmates, coaches, teachers and administrators pulling the sled together, encouraging one another to be better. I heard about teachers with high standards, tough assessments, impactful trips and an uncanny ability to bring the best out of their students. I heard about friendships and relationships, some of which were re-connecting for the first time that weekend, and others which have been going strong for decades. 

I saw a member of the Class of 2013 open her time capsule to find a letter and a picture of her and a young man. A note to her future self accompanied the picture, and it said: “I just started dating this guy…” The now-28-year-old alumna laughed, exclaiming that she and the young man in the picture are engaged and planning their wedding this summer.  

It was a powerful weekend – for our alumni, our teachers and our community – during which we celebrated the bonds that tie us together, regardless of background or experience. We’re all Huskies, and this place truly does possess the power to change our lives, even if we don’t know it’s happening at the moment.

Later this week we’ll hold our annual Senior Day, during which we celebrate our Class of 2023 before they head out for senior projects prior to Commencement in June. I am confident that the members of this class – much like those of the Class of 1968 and Class of 2013 – will have been changed for the better by this incredible community. We’re a better place because of our Seniors.  

Many thanks to everyone who makes this a special community – then, now and always.

Go Huskies!


Patrick McHonett
Head of School