From The Head of School

December 7, 2022

Flint Hill Community, 

While we’re only about halfway through the school year here at Flint Hill, I write today with a quick update on one of our most important resources—our faculty and staff. One of my greatest joys in being Head of School here at Flint Hill is the authenticity and intentionality with which we live our Husky spirit—truly seeking to embody that team-based nature, all pulling the sled together. I continue to be inspired by and proud to be a part of such an amazing faculty and staff team here at Flint Hill.  

I hope that you have felt the same sense of pride and appreciation for those who have worked so closely with your students and family. From teachers and coaches, to the important administrative staff, facilities and security teams who help this place hum, it truly takes a village in partnership with our families and community to build a special place like Flint Hill. As a reminder, if you have had any particularly impactful experiences with a member of our team, I encourage you to nominate them for our annual Driving Spirit Award, which recognizes Flint Hill team members who go above and beyond on a daily basis (nominations are due December 30). We look forward to honoring them at Founders’ Day coming up in February.  

Additionally, we continue to build a great team now and for years to come. I was proud to share the great news of the hire of our next Director of the Lower School last week, and we are also embarking on additional hires in support of our students’ learning and growth – including a Director of Academics and a Director of Counseling, who will continue to ensure that key areas of impact for our students continue to meet the goals of our Mission, Vision and Core Values for years to come. Please expect more updates on those hires in the weeks and months to come.

We continue to build a great team, one person at a time, in support of our Huskies and to lift Flint Hill to greater heights. We also recognize the market challenges in the field of education including teacher shortages, a tightening pipeline of school of education graduates and the lasting impact of teaching through the pandemic. As such, in collaboration with our Chief Human Resources Officer, we have taken thoughtful, proactive steps to support and retain outstanding current faculty and staff, as well as proactively build a “deep bench” of prospective applicants for any future openings at Flint Hill. While the normal “hiring season” in schools typically begins in early spring, we are readying general job posts to attract interested and skilled educators to consider Flint Hill for their new home.  We know that independent schools typically experience roughly 10% faculty and staff turnover each year, and we plan to continue recruiting, retaining and building an outstanding team year over year, while being prepared for the inevitable departures due to retirements, family moves or other reasons. If you know of a great educator, please point them in our direction for a conversation!

I look forward to sharing more with you about our team and continued growth through the rest of the year. In the meantime, if you ever have any questions about how we build an amazing team in support of our Huskies or about anything else here at Flint Hill, please do not hesitate to reach out.

Go Huskies!

Patrick McHonett
Head of School