From The Head of School

January 18, 2023

Flint Hill Community, 

Over the course of recent weeks, I have been working alongside our admission team, along Division Directors, and student ambassadors interacting with and supporting the many prospective families in their process of applying to Flint Hill. It’s an exciting time for any independent school, both building foundational partnership with families, while tending to our all-important school culture. 

At Flint Hill, every student and every family is chosen through a thoughtful, mission-driven and selective process for their promise and potential positive impact as members of our Husky community.

Throughout these chats, a couple of themes have emerged: 

  1. You are our biggest advocates. Time and again, when I speak with a family and ask why they’re applying to Flint Hill, they share some connection with a current or alumni family — the positive word of mouth from a neighbor, friend, co-worker and in the community is hugely impactful. Thank you for your continued advocacy for Flint Hill.
  2. We are all about people and relationships. Small class sizes, incredible teachers, student support and an innovative academic experience are key differentiators in our Flint Hill experience. In our admission sessions, we often have current students and parents or alumni share the impact of a particular teacher, class project, coach or experience that shaped their education or life beyond campus. I’m grateful for our incredible team of teachers, coaches and staff who make this aspiration a reality on a daily basis.
  3. Our Mission, Vision, Core Values and statement of Equity and Inclusion set us apart from other schools, and continue to drive our program, community and culture.  These represent our cornerstone pacts within our community, which we speak about at great length in these admission conversations, to educate on the importance of these lofty goals in support of a one-of-a-kind educational experience, while also allowing families to understand and consider their own personal viewpoints relative to our goals.  We recognize that Flint Hill isn’t a perfect school, nor are we perfect for everyone, but a shared understanding that these commitments will continue to guide who we are and will become, allowing everyone to work from a shared understanding and expectations.

Our community is in a strong space, with solid enrollment, and year-over-year increases in inquiries, application, and retention of current students. That allows us, in a student-centered and intentional way, to be appropriately selective to support our goals of a smooth transition and positive impact of any student and family that joins our Husky team.  

Many thanks to the current and alumni students and families who have taken part in this process to share their Flint Hill pride with prospective families. Thanks to each of you who have positively represented the school in ways large and small — we all make an impact on the culture and future of our community, and I’m excited to see what’s to come with our incoming students and families joining us next fall.

Go Huskies!

Patrick McHonett
Head of School