From The Head of School

May 10, 2023

Flint Hill Community, 

On Monday morning, after greeting students at the Upper School entrance, I stepped into the Upper School faculty lounge to find a host of snacks, drinks and decorations, thanks to the Flint Hill Parents’ Association Division Ambassadors in celebration of Teacher Appreciation Week. As I grabbed my first of many treats that day, a staff member said to me, “I’ve been here eight years, and this is one of the best I’ve ever seen done for us.” There was a sense of pride in that person’s eyes, and a true feeling of connectedness with our families.

The overwhelming support, as well as the sentiment from our many faculty and staff members across all divisions who came through those spaces grabbing a Diet Coke or a midday snack to refuel for afternoon sports, grading or lesson prep, was a healthy reminder of how interconnected our community is.  Whether showing up to a game, concert, art exhibition, or community social, or thoughtfully engaging in an ongoing dialogue of challenge and support for our Huskies, parents, teachers, and staff coming together for a common goal is a healthy sign of a strong community.  We’re all pulling the sled together!

From the bottom of our hearts, as Flint Hill faculty and staff, thank you to all Flint Hill families for seeing and appreciating us this week.  And, a very special thank you to KayAnn Schoeneman, Parents’ Association President, as well as the PA Division Ambassadors who helped organize this week’s recognitions and appreciation.  

Go Huskies!


Patrick McHonett
Head of School