Dear Flint Hill School Families,

Last weekend, you may have seen several groups of folks of all ages walking around both campuses, attending our Alumni Reunion Weekend. This is an annual tradition hosted by Flint Hill to bring our alumni together to enjoy a special time to reconnect with their former classmates and teachers. We had a record turnout on both days, with a host of activities and class parties organized in honor of our alumni.

Just as you might experience when you return to your schools for alumni events, this wonderful opportunity brings forth a host of memories and stories. The mix of Flint Hill alumni ranged from graduates of the Class of 1963 (a student who started in 1957), all the way to graduates who had just finished their freshman year of college. It was tremendous to see everybody reconnecting! Many of the older alumni had never been in the Upper School building before, and they were blown away by the unbelievable art, the pictures on the walls of students and faculty alike, and the ambiance of the amazing building we call our Upper School.

On Friday night, we celebrated our 60th Anniversary and hosted the Alumni Back-to-School event on our Upper School Campus. Among the attendees, there was a large contingent from the Class of 1996 that wanted to go back over to the “East Campus” just to walk the halls and visit the gym of the Lower and Middle School Campus. To them, that was their Upper School. They all enjoyed spending time there, reminiscing about the time they spent on that campus.

Saturday began with a brunch for the Class of 2006 on the Upper School Campus. A large number of alumni from that class came together to open the time capsule they collectively put together 10 years ago when they graduated. Inside, there were envelopes filled with a variety of items that were returned to those who were able to attend. The beauty of that tradition is that no one ever remembers what they placed in that envelope, and many of the envelopes were jam-packed. I did have to warn everybody, as some attended with their spouses, fiances and loved ones, that they should open the envelopes with caution since they may have dated other people when the items were first assembled. There was a flood of laughter as the alumni rediscovered pictures, notes, books, shirts, music, tapes … you name it. The Commons were filled with joy, laughter and excitement as everybody reminisced about all the adventures and experiences that the contents of the envelopes represented.

Saturday’s events concluded in the Miller House, with a party to honor our Falcon Society members. Our Falcon Alumni are students who graduated before 1990. Again, we had a great turnout and they loved the fact that they were able to tour their former school building, the Miller House. They recalled how for some, the Miller House was the sole classroom building. They took English classes in the Parlor and Latin class in what is now one of our Admission offices. They also remembered that the library was housed where the Development Offices are upstairs. And some of our Falcon alumni did not even use the term “Miller House.” For them, the administration building and classroom buildings had eventually been built, but the house was only used for office space.

Throughout the weekend, memories and stories flowed. And, while everyone shared their great insights, I stood in awe of how powerful our school community is. Among the crowd, there were financial analysts, doctors, dentists, a marine pilot who just returned from deployment and will be stationed in San Diego, business leaders, educators, those who are just beginning their careers, and those who just recently retired. There was a young lady who was scheduled to get married the next day, on Sunday morning, who just attended to get her time capsule envelope! She and her fiance wanted to attend because she didn’t want to miss that special opportunity. Another alumna drove from Baltimore a day after graduating from Johns Hopkins University, where she earned her medical degree and will remain for her residency. It was fun and exciting. It became clear to me while they all poured over yearbooks looking at pictures of themselves, their friends, their teams and their events, that there are four core aspects of life here at School that really had brought them back to Flint Hill this weekend.

  1. Flint Hill focuses on relationships. Those relationships don’t end when someone graduates; many have continued to be in contact with classmates and faculty over the years. And for others, this was their first chance to catch up again with long-lost friends and teachers, but it all came back very quickly. The relationships and the healthy bonds that those relationships created made all the difference in the world.
  2. There is a work ethic that students develop at Flint Hill. This work ethic is carried over from Flint Hill to their colleges, their graduate schools, and into their careers. Time and time again, people referenced their learning here how to work, how to get organized or how to prioritize. And it was Flint Hill that was at the core of their success.
  3. Inspirational Teaching and Teachers. Our faculty have always been at the center of our alumni’s success here at School and beyond. There wasn’t a single graduate who returned without mentioning the impact of various teachers. Each and every one of them referenced teachers by name, ranging from past legendary teachers to current faculty in every division. Clearly, those individuals left an indelible mark on our alumni regardless of the year they graduated.
  4. There is a love of Flint Hill and a spirit that pervades everyone’s lives. It came out in each and every conversation, in the large turnout, and in the support that everyone felt about being back. It truly was an inspiring weekend, and our Driving Spirit was at the foundation of each conversation.

Special thanks to the entire Development Staff. Each and every member of that team was actively engaged last weekend and really helped make Reunion Weekend a huge success. People often ask about our outcomes and value added as a school. And those “outcomes” were walking throughout the school all weekend long. The weekend truly made us pause and smile with pride at the fantastic men and women who have come through these doors, sat in our classrooms and studios or played on the fields. They have gone off into the world to make a difference. And they are doing that each and every day. If you see any of our Flint Hill alumni, please wish them the best and let them know that we are proud of the foundation they all set for the great Huskies who are currently with us. It is now our responsibility to continue to build on that great legacy. GO HUSKIES!