Congratulations to our varsity golf team. They won the MAC Conference Championship yesterday!  It is hard to ever win a championship in a competitive conference like the one we are in, but to do it three years in a row is unprecedented.  And to do it with only one senior on the starting squad and to win by 25 strokes is just amazing. Coach Sealy and his team deserve huge praise since golf is a sport that does not get many people out there to cheer them on in matches. It is a sport that takes a huge amount of time to practice and to play. But our Huskies have been determined, serious, and spirited all at the same time. In this championship, Will Snyder and Bryce Johnson, were the top two finishers. Also winning All-MAC honors by finishing in the top ten were Justin Ayanian and James Agnew. Teammates Will Dolan and Will Krisko were also key in the victory.

Why highlight this huge accomplishment? Because they deserve it… and because it is a milestone in the year. The end of a “season” has been reached.  An event, long anticipated by the team, their parents, and the school has been reached.

Such moments are important to us. Does your family have certain milestones that are significant as the year goes on?  I am sure they do. Some of them are special events like birthdays, holidays, and specific moments when we get together and enjoy time together. Thanksgiving is looming ahead, and I am sure many of us are just realizing that we have some planning to do to get ready for either family coming in our direction or how to arrange our travel plans to get somewhere else.

The same process happens here at school. The end of the golf season is one, as is the completion of every team’s athletic season. There are certain events that are part tradition, part ritual, and very much a part of the milestones that mark each year and the journey we are on.  From the return to school, to Back-to-School nights, to Closing Ceremonies and Commencement at the very end of the year, one of the key milestones every fall is Homecoming. And Homecoming is this weekend!  I am sure you have seen the announcements from our division directors about “Spirit Week” activities and special dress days.  Homecoming gives students, faculty, and families alike a chance to celebrate the school year.

The word “homecoming” is a funny term to use for this celebration, because we are all already here. At the same time, it is an opportunity when we try to draw back a number of alumni to return to celebrate with us once again as one whole. I read an interesting quote once by a gentleman named John Ed Pierce, “Home is a place you grow up wanting to leave, and grow old wanting to get back to.”  The idea of Homecoming at the school is to bring everyone together who is present, and also the opportunity to draw back those who graduated and left us. Many do return and those that cannot often, report how they wished they had been able to make the journey.

For those of you who are new to our school family, this is a big event filled with spirit and great times. As a school family, we all enjoy a beautiful fall weekend and take part in a variety of activities.

Friday, October 18, marks the end of a week where everyone has been wearing “special attire” for days. There will be pep rallies planned for both campuses. And on Friday afternoon, at 5:30 p.m., there will be a Powder-Puff football game on the West Campus between the girls of the Junior and Senior classes. It should be an exciting game to watch. This game is followed by a “bonfire” as soon as dusk comes, which is usually a few minutes after the conclusion of the game. These two events always take place on the West Campus. We encourage the entire school family to attend, if possible. Lower and Middle school children, however, need to be accompanied by their parents as our faculty members are not on duty and therefore not supervising or chaperoning the event. Like you, they are there to enjoy time with everyone and to celebrate our year! Special thanks go to our development office, led by the efforts of Bridget Montagne, director of parent relations and special events, Shaza Andersen, Carla Becker, and all the parent leaders who stepped up to make this weekend a special one. There will be food, some giveaways for the kids, and our Upper School Band will be playing music.  I hope we all enjoy being out on a cool and crispy evening watching a bonfire.  There is something about just watching those flames that is calming and peaceful. Maybe it is why, many of us, enjoy a fireplace in our homes and sitting by the crackling fire.  This whole event doesn’t go long; it is usually over by about 7:30 p.m.

And on Saturday, October 19, the morning starts with a variety of planned activities and games that begin at 10 a.m. There will be inflatables for the kids placed on the tennis courts and lots of food. This day gives us the opportunity to be proud Huskies and to welcome visitors to our campus. This is also a chance to provide the much needed cheering and support for those who will be performing the National Anthem at games, to our dance teams who perform, and to our athletes who will be representing all of us in very competitive and important games. And it will be a chance to congratulate our golf team when you see them!

It should be an exciting weekend ahead! Please make plans to join us and realize that this is one of the milestones in the year that we all can experience together and a time when we all take great pride in being Huskies. I look forward to seeing you this weekend.

Best wishes to you!