Dear Flint Hill School Families,

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. The weather could not have been more beautiful once we got past the storms on Friday night.

As many of us celebrated Passover or Easter last weekend, I hope you all have reflected on your own spiritual journeys. I also know that you join me in a prayer of support and sadness for all those families who were tragically touched by the horrific bombings in Sri Lanka last weekend. The horror of it is unthinkable and yet, it happens. We all deserve to live in a better world, and in particular, our children deserve a far better, safer world in which to grow up. Together, we all need to be committed to bringing an end to worldwide terrorism, to acts of hate, intolerance, and violence. We need to commit ourselves to helping our children develop the skills and values that they will carry with them as they will soon emerge as the world’s next generation of leaders.

We know all too well that here at Flint Hill, a key to our success has been to build strong and lasting relationships. The bonds that students and their families form within our school community are crucial to the success we experience as an institution. If only the rest of the world would work together, it would have that same impact, perhaps in a much more global way. From building those relationships comes open communication; a commitment to collaboration; the ability to solve problems; respect toward each other, regardless of differences; and a sense of honesty and compassion that help guide all of the decisions that we face together.

This weekend, we will have a chance to celebrate and foster those relationships. Believe it or not, Springfest is almost here! We have a full day of activities, starting with a Tennis Social, followed by a full day of athletics and family-friendly games. It is our sincere hope that you will take a moment to come by and enjoy all that we have specially prepared for you, and relish the fact that we are part of a “school family” that loves and benefits from these opportunities to gather.

We also will host our annual Alumni Reunion Weekend. For the first time, these two events will happen simultaneously. If you come to campus this weekend, you will probably notice some of our alumni walking about with their own families and old friends from their time here. There will be campus tours, receptions, discussions, and a wealth of opportunities to reminisce for Falcons and Huskies alike. A particular highlight will be the significant class anniversaries we celebrate this weekend. I am always very excited to see the 50th reunion classes return and watch them reconnect with each other. In many cases, they may not have seen each other since the day they graduated…in 1969!

So if you see them this weekend, help me welcome back our alumni by making them feel very much a part of our school family. Enjoy the time together as we all celebrate the Flint Hill of today at Springfest and the enormous impact the School has on our children and our families. Our children will learn how important community is and that even a school, can genuinely be a “family.” Hopefully, they will develop a sense of place and appreciate the value of holding on to our four core values, as they will help change the world in the future. I hope that one day we can all celebrate special weekends, here and around the world, without anyone facing the prospect of pain and loss.

Enjoy this great Springfest/Reunion Weekend. I look forward to seeing you at school.

Best wishes to you!


John M. Thomas