We always expect that our students and faculty work hard and make the most of their time here. We have high expectations for ourselves that we will always work to do our best.  Therefore, we strive for opportunities to “test” or challenge our efforts constantly, as we compete against ourselves going for “personal bests” in everything we do and at every age.

This past weekend, we went well beyond expectations on a number of levels.  In the athletics, we had four teams playing for Championships.  It all started with our boys soccer team playing in the State Tournament.  Then our football team won their Conference Championship for the second year in a row. On Sunday, our girls volleyball team won their ISL Tournament Championship after having already secured the conference, and on Monday they won the City Championship in grand form.  These events were followed by the games of both, our boys and girls soccer teams, as they played in the final championship game for their respective Tournaments.  They played exceptionally well, and came just a bit short in the scores, but in terms of quality of play, enthusiasm, and in doing their “best,” they were just exceptional!  We are very proud of all of them. In addition to these accomplishments, we have learned that four teams qualified for the State Tournaments. The boys soccer team played an outstanding game last Friday and their level of energy, excitement, and sportsmanship was something to behold.  The girls volleyball team will play their first round game, this afternoon, here at Flint Hill at 5:15 pm (cost $5.00).  Please join us to cheer on the “Number One” ranked Flint Hill Huskies. The boys football team will travel to Collegiate for their first round game on Saturday, November 9, at 1:00 p.m. And our boys and girls cross country teams, both advanced to the State Tournament to be held at Woodberry Forest, this Friday, November 8, starting at 2:30 p.m. And let’s not forget that golf won the MAC Championship several weeks ago. All in all, this fall season went well beyond expectations. Overall, sports teach life skills and our student-athletes had an incredible season where they truly did their best!

We also saw similar success in the arts last weekend. An ensemble of six outstanding student-actors worked hard throughout the fall to put together the comedy, “An Evening of Laughter: Four One Act Plays.” This play had four short comedies put together to showcase humor. I have been told that comedy is the toughest form of dramatic art to perform and our students did it to near perfection. The comedy was fun, exciting and enjoyable and it gave us the chance to see some of our very best student-actors perform! We also hosted the Honor District Choir Auditions all day Saturday. More than 700 singers from public and independent schools from throughout the region came to Flint Hill. Our visitors did not only go away reporting that their experience here was the best run and organized audition they have ever had the opportunity to attend, but we were also honored to know that ten of our students were selected to the Honor Choir. This is the highest number Flint Hill has ever had in that program!  Such success is beyond expectations.

On Monday, the Association of Independent Schools (VAIS) held its annual conference in Richmond, Virginia. A number of our faculty members attended the various presentations and several presented some of the workshops. Our Middle School Assistant Director Anabelle Morgan was chair elect for the VAIS Leadership Conference and did a great job in her role. Middle School Director of Makers Ed Andrew Carle presented about the makers education initiative. And our Dean of Faculty Emily Sanderson shared her passion of learning and teaching by leading a program about blended learning, online learning, and the flipped classroom. Hundreds of educators from throughout the state attended this annual conference, and all were learning and sharing with each other. It was an outstanding conference and one that continues to reinforce how much of our ongoing efforts of promoting and engaging in active learning is right on target at this time. Again, we went beyond expectations as a school. The quality of the experience, the hard work, and the commitment of everyone who participated, shows that we do everything as a team, like good Huskies. We do it across the board and in the most effective and profound ways.

The whole start to this school year has been very successful. There have been ups and downs, there have been mistakes here and there, but that’s all about learning, and it is exactly what it takes to get better and that ultimately is what we want for our students and for our school. But let’s never forget that everyone is working to do their best… to meet the expectations before them… and then go beyond them!

This Saturday morning, we will get an opportunity to experience this at the parent level. Get ready for something else that will go above and beyond our expectations. This Saturday, November 9, from 10 a.m.-4 p.m., we will host what we used to call the Husky Holiday Mart and now is The Holiday Shoppes at Flint Hill School. This event will have a large number of vendors showcasing a variety of products. Additionally, we have prepared special events and performances that will take place throughout the day while you are shopping. This is a chance for our school family to come together, for all of us to begin the Holiday season, and for us to support the school in an exciting and positive way. This will also be the largest fundraiser event put together by our Parents Association this year.  I hope that each and every one of you will join me in making the Holiday Shoppes at Flint Hill School another special event that goes far beyond expectations. Encourage your family, friends, and neighbors to all join us and help us get ready for what it will be one of the most uplifting and exciting holidays ever. I look forward to seeing you all on Saturday.

On Monday, November 11, please join all of us in celebrating Veteran’s Day. It is a day where we should all stop and think about those outstanding people in our lives who served our country; who made sacrifices on so many levels, who protected and supported our nation and world; who went far way “above expectations” in their sense of duty and service. We respect and value such leadership! Join me in saying “Thank you,” to every veteran you know.

Best wishes to you! Together let’s make the rest of the year go beyond expectations!