The time is suddenly here! I hope and trust that everyone has had a wonderful summer and that you and your family are enjoying the last weeks of vacation. At Flint Hill we are gearing up for the start of what we all know will be another very exciting experience for your children and for you.

The new faculty and staff members arrived on campus on Monday and many returning teachers are beginning to get their rooms ready. In terms of the facilities, all the work that has been done on both campuses is coming to completion. And we just concluded another very successful Summer Program season that almost seems like a distant memory now. In fact, Upper School students are beginning to attend human development classes and preseason athletic camps. There is even a regular number of recent graduates who come back for one last visit before they hit the road for the start of their college careers.

As we start off, here are a couple of quick reminders to help all of us work collaboratively together and to communicate effectively throughout the school year:

Please read the newsletters and emails. This regular Wednesday newsletter has plenty of great material that gives you an overview of the school and an update on things that are ahead. Your division directors may be sending you information through our all school newsletter or through regular email, and you may even hear from your parent representatives. Please read all the information that comes to you so you can be informed and prepared for the weeks ahead. The pace of this great school is rapid and exciting. The volume of material can be challenging at times, but when organized and prioritized, as we try to do, it should all make sense.

As you look at the school calendar (a printed copy should arrive to you next week), you will find that there are a number of coffees that division directors, college counseling staffers, Learning Center faculty and I are hosting throughout the school year. I strongly encourage you to attend them whenever you can. Your presence makes those gatherings more effective and beneficial to everyone. They give you a chance to truly get a sense of the school.

There are many occasions when there are school events just for parents and other times when your children can join you. There will also be opportunities for you to come and watch your kids as they participate in various activities. Each experience brings you and your family closer and allows you to actively participate in the educational experience that is Flint Hill.

It is through these engagements that you will soon learn that relationships here are critical. Whether they are with the faculty and staff, with other parents, and obviously the most important one with your own children, relationships are all critical to the success of this school year. We learn throughout our own journey in life, that relationships just don’t happen. They take effort and commitment on our part to build, sustain, and grow them. So join us in these efforts to continue to make relationships such a fundamental part of how our school operates.

All schools talk about having an open door policy, but I can assure you that here at Flint Hill we do it. Division directors, the business office, my office–all of us–truly want to be able to communicate openly and honestly with you. We will try to make certain that we are available, accessible, and ready to assist with your questions, concerns, suggestions, or ideas. Please do not hesitate to share with us your suggestions, comments, and/or concerns.

As school gets underway, let’s please remember that on both campuses we are surrounded by other neighborhoods and families who may not be a part of the Flint Hill community.We need to observe the speed limits, stop signs, and road courtesy that I know we work hard to do in our everyday lives. Particularly on the East Campus, it is overwhelming to the neighbors when suddenly morning and afternoon carpool occur. It becomes difficult for those key time periods for them to exit or enter their own neighborhood. Please help us all make those moments as positive, respectful, and safe as possible.

Please help us be good neighbors by being very careful in how we drive in the community. Smile, wave and let people know that we are appreciative and supportive of their wonderful patience and understanding during those high volume periods.

Finally, enjoy the remainder of the summer. This is a very special time of the year. I hope you and your children are starting to get ready for this wonderful adventure. I look forward to seeing you soon. Enjoy the cooler evenings… school is just around the corner!