Headmaster’s Notes - June 15, 2022

Dear Flint Hill Families,

As I mentioned in my last video, I have been honored to be here with you at Flint Hill. I will miss you, but I know our paths will cross again, so this is just a "see you soon," never a goodbye.

I hope you will keep me posted on the great accomplishments ahead for your children. Here is my contact information if it would be helpful:

Email: Jthomas12435@gmail.com

Also, early in our COVID experience together, in the spring of 2020, I shared two songs and videos with you that spoke to the moment…and to me. I think they are both still relevant and worthy of another listen, "The Greatest" by James Blunt. It talks about our need for our children to be "the young, the brave, the powerful" as we navigate an unforeseen future. We will still need your amazing children to be “the greatest” as they charge into their future endeavors. We need them to "rise up," in so many exciting ways which leads me to the second song.

"Rise Up" by Andra Day. This song inspires me on so many levels personally. The video, in fact, is powerful. It is about loving sacrifice and commitment. And if you listen carefully, nearly at the end, you hear the wife thank her husband for taking her out to dinner. She models "rising up" and so do you as parents. Raising children is never easy. But I know you rise up daily to guide, nurture, and support your children, and to partner with Flint Hill as they grow up. We all need to "rise up" to meet the moments in our lives, and I know you will encourage your children to "rise up" to meet their challenges.

And now, time for Emily and I to enjoy our beautiful family!

Enjoy! Have a tremendous summer ahead!



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