Dear Flint Hill School Families,

The Closing Ceremonies last week were tremendous! It was great for all of us to have that time to reflect together and thank all the students, parents, faculty and staff for a tremendous school year and wish them the best for the beginning of a wonderful summer.

As we end the year, the faculty and staff, however, continue to work hard. This week and next week, they are attending professional development workshops and in-service programs. Today, we took time at a faculty meeting, to rehearse for Friday’s beautiful Commencement. It is important that we are always prepared and ready to make certain that we will honor our wonderful graduates with the very best ceremony possible.

Each year, we also take the time at this faculty gathering to recognize and thank faculty and staff who have reached milestones in their longevity here at Flint Hill. I thought I would share those individuals with you, as I think you may be as impressed and appreciative as I am for their commitment, dedication and professionalism. They have demonstrated enormous “Driving Spirit” and have set an example of character for our entire School family.

The key anniversaries are:

  • 25 years of service: Fred Atwood and Abigail McKenzie were recognized for being a part of the Founding Cohort in 1990-1991.
  • 20 years of service: Lincoln Dewar. Lincoln has been a stalwart member of our Middle School and coaching staff for two decades. His service and support will be forever appreciated.
  • 15 years of service: Larry Brooks and Tracy Peterson. Larry is a long-term member of our Facilities Staff. Tracy has been an incredible teacher and leader in both the Middle School and Upper School. We are deeply appreciative of both of them for their commitment to our School. Can you believe that Ellen Turner, in our Development Office, was in high school when they began?
  • 10 years of service:  Nine individuals are still with us today who began in the summer of 2005: Debbie Ayers, Rick Clark, Naa-Adei Kotey, Bridget Linzmeyer, Michelle Milner, Rico Reed, Emily Sanderson, Maia Schmidt and me! In 2005, our Director of Alumni Relations Kavon Akhtar was a Senior and First Grade Assistant Cameron Yassine was in Ninth Grade!
  • 5 years of service: 13 members of our faculty and staff joined us 5 years ago: Kavon Akhtar, Sonya Atkinson, Geoff Barnwell, Kim Dewar, Katie Evans, Robin Goldstein, Lynda Hoag, Brandy Henricks, Barbara Joost, Alex Lester, Matt Philipp, Shannon Titmas and Julie Young!


Each individual at this great School makes a difference. Each and every person who comes to our School, who accepts our Mission and Vision, and begins to work with our tremendous children, truly leaves a legacy. If you run across any of these folks over the summer, please join me in thanking them for their outstanding service. Join us in wishing them all the very best for a well deserved summer ahead.

Have a wonderful weekend ahead! And we hope your summer is off to an exciting and remarkable start!! Our 137 seniors are almost to Commencement. I know they are ready for the world beyond our campuses. I hope the world is ready for them!!


John M. Thomas