Dear Flint Hill School Families,

Every year at around this time, the end of the school year comes into sharp focus. Commencement goes from being a far-off date in the future to looming just around the corner with Senior Projects, Closing Ceremonies, and other year-end milestones.

We are currently balancing an enormous number of tasks, like processing enrollment and re-enrollment contracts and interviewing candidates for open positions, in addition to balancing everything else that is happening before we all leave for two weeks. I can only imagine how our students are feeling! As we finish this week and prepare to take time to relax with our families, I hope we will all keep a few key factors in mind:

  1. Flexibility. In today’s world, we have to be flexible. We have to be prepared for what comes next and then make the most of it as we go forward. It isn’t so much about having a “plan B” as having the ability to adapt our plans to the circumstances at hand.
  2. Patience. As we talk about mindfulness and the need to relax at times, a lot of it falls back to the concept of patience. We need to realize that some things are going to happen quickly, and we may need to make decisions on the run. And at other times, things are going to take longer than we anticipated, and we have to appreciate and value those opportunities.
  3. Perspective. I feel like I repeat the phrase “we need to keep things in perspective” all the time. There is so much that is happening in our lives and in the world that at times we need to step back and realize that minor irritations like deadlines and traffic are nothing compared to the hardships that others in our country and around the world are experiencing.
  4. Grit and resilience. We are all carrying a great deal on our shoulders, and the bottom line is that we have to stay focused. The concepts of grit and resilience are traits that we all need, to move forward in life. We need those traits as adults, and we certainly need your help to share them with the children here at School, because they will be critical to the success they achieve in whatever their exciting future endeavors will be.

Spring Break is coming right on time for many of us. We need that time together to relax, to have fun and to follow the advice of some of our guest writers over the past several weeks. We need to go back to what we talked about at the very beginning of the year — that sense of gratitude that makes all the difference in the world.

Best wishes to you!  Have a great break, and I look forward to seeing you in two weeks!


John M. Thomas