Dear Flint Hill School Families,

I hope everyone had a chance to take full advantage of this past Homecoming Weekend. Many people told me that it was one of the most exciting Homecomings they have ever attended! From Friday night’s beautiful bonfire to the glowsticks for students — and parents — to the packed School Store, and all of Saturday’s games and activities that allowed us the opportunity to cheer our Huskies in an outpouring of school spirit. It all made for a great gathering of our School family. Special thanks go to Tina Rafalovich and Michelle Stanciu for helping put together the concessions once again, and to Sibel Unsal and all the many volunteers who came to help. A huge round of thanks also goes to our Advancement, Facilities and Security teams. The list could go on and on, but suffice to say that it takes our entire School family coming together to make an event like that happen.

In addition to Homecoming, on Saturday morning, we hosted a special Innovation Workshop organized by our incredible Admission Office and Innovation Department. The event was held for prospective students in JK through sixth grade and their parents. Parents learned the “behind the scenes” work of putting together our Innovation program, while the students had the opportunity to engage and experience firsthand what a Flint Hill education is like. Let’s keep in mind that while all schools have academic departments dedicated to English, science, math, etc., our Innovation department is truly unique. It is solely dedicated to implementing the most forward-thinking, creative, and dynamic programs possible for our students at every grade level.

As I greeted people at the door on the Lower and Middle School Campus, I noticed that, as they walked down the ramp to the front steps, many of the children and parents, looked toward the playgrounds on that campus. I commented on this during my introductory remarks and made it clear that playgrounds are not for looking — they are for playing. So I invited all our guests to try them out after the program and to join us for Homecoming as well. I am pleased to report that many of them took me up on both invitations, socializing on the playgrounds after the event and then making their way up the road to the Upper School Campus to participate in our Homecoming activities. It was an excellent way for them to see our entire School family in action.

As I reflect on those playgrounds and the joy they bring to botch current and prospective students, it is also very gratifying to remember that they are gifts from our families. They are the product of our Annual Fund. Special Annual Fund gifts like these provide many of the “extras” that complement the many exciting, innovative additions we offer here at School. The five innovation labs on the Lower and Middle School Campus; the Robotics Lab in the Upper School building; the playgrounds I just mentioned; the refurbishing of the Upper School Learning Commons; and the new furniture and welcome area in the Upper School are just a few examples of what can happen with the Annual Fund.

We have all received information in the mail recently about this year’s campaign. Please join us! It is critically important for us to continue to grow our participation. We set a goal of $1,275,000 for this year’s campaign, and we know that those funds represent our collective commitment to the School. In fact, on Friday, just as we prepared for the bonfire, our final gifts from our teachers and staff came in, making this another landmark year with 100% participation from teachers and staff. Mind you, these are the people who bring life to the School every day. And every year, they fully commit to the Annual Fund.

Please help us continue to provide the incredible extras that impact our students’ lives.  We are all part of something far greater than ourselves. We are “family members” in a relentlessly innovative school. There is a spirit here that helps propel our children even further in their learning. Your gift right now will have an impact on continuing the “momentum” we all feel as members of the Flint Hill family. We felt it throughout the School for Homecoming, and that spirit and sense of accomplishment should be with us every day throughout the year. Your willingness to commit to the Annual Fund will allow us to grow even stronger. We want Flint Hill to continually get over that bar, just as athletes do in the high jump. We know we can do this!

I look forward to seeing you on campus! Let’s continue to make Flint Hill and our children’s education our top priority.

Best wishes to you!


John M. Thomas