Dear Flint Hill School Families,

School is really coming to a close. It finally hit me on Monday as I was directing traffic on the Lower and Middle School Campus at morning carpool. It is a simple fact, and we all know what the date is, but it finally was real. This is the last week of carpool for the year. I have to admit I love carpool; I am going to miss it over the summer. I always feel that I am in the midst of a Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade or the Battle Of The Flowers Parade in San Antonio, Texas. It is a great way to start any day — smiling, waving and saying “good morning.” And I have appreciated your waves and smiles in return.

As I waved cars onto campus Monday morning, all kinds of images ran through my head, a composite of images of the school year. For example, on the Lower and Middle School Campus, I thought of all our great students eagerly getting out of their cars, ready for each day. Students walking to the Academic Building carrying backpacks or books that are almost as big as they are. Siblings running down the walkway, racing each other, but wanting to get into school.

On the Upper School Campus, this time of the year always brings a glimpse of Seniors walking up the sidewalk; young men dressed up in their suits and young women in high heels and business attire getting ready to stand before the Senior Project Committee to talk about what they have been doing for the past month. They are nervous, but confident, and soon to be relieved that they are done for the year! Exam week also brings images of youngsters studying in groups for their exams, kids gathering in the halls before taking their exams and leaving the school soon after so they can get ready for the next one.

All of these efforts, everything we have done throughout the school year, from coffees and meetings, Homecoming and Holiday Shoppes, Winter and Spring Fests, the Gala and the very successful Golf Invitational, all culminate at the end of this week with the Closing Ceremonies. These are very special times when we all get together to reflect on the great year your children have had, share some of the important moments of the school year through pictures or perhaps watch a video or even hear a final musical presentation. In the process, however, we also see some tears and hear many goodbyes, and realize that this moment in time, the 2014-2015 school year is now over.

We have accomplished many things this year.  Whether it was in big events or small events, in the classrooms or in the hallways, sitting with each other in great discussions over coffee, carrying cupcakes in for birthday celebrations, or standing with pride as Seniors opened up a letter or an email and found out that he/she was accepted into that college — all of these special moments are a piece of the fabric that makes up the Flint Hill experience. The end of the School year provides an opportunity for us to pause and cherish all that has occurred.

Enjoy your summer! Find plenty of time to rest, relax and rejuvenate. Get your energy back. Keep the memories of the year in our minds but recognize that we will soon move into a new year and we will keep building a sense of our time at Flint Hill.

If you are moving away, and/or not returning next year, please know you will always be a Husky in our hearts. You will be missed. And you will always remain a member of our School Family. Please consider keeping your Husky Paw on your car as a way of showing that connection. Share contact information with friends, teachers and the School. I hope you will keep in touch with us and let us know of the accomplishments of your children, regardless if you are nearby or far away. We would love to hear from you.

Enjoy this week! Take part in the Closing Ceremonies. And for those families with Seniors, know that next week, Commencement Week, will be a huge milestone in their lives and one that we are collectively working on to make it one of the best weeks of their lives.
Best wishes to you!


John M. Thomas