Dear Flint Hill School Families,

I trust that everyone had a very special weekend — with Easter and Passover — and enjoyed the beautiful spring weather. You can sense the change that is taking place. Even the returning birds seem to sense the new growth in spirit that always comes with spring.

Last weekend, I spent some time cleaning the gardens around my house.  I always feel like I have done a good job cleaning up in late fall as winter approaches and we prepare for harsh weather. And then, when spring arrives, it seems like I fill countless bags with leaves, tree branches and twigs that have accumulated over the past season. While I was doing this, I reflected on new plants getting set to bloom, the need to keep at it every year and the beauty of the routine and pattern that lets us know the new season is here. I also am always reminded of time and its role in everything that is important to us.

Time is precious. I completed a survey recently in which there was a question about the greatest obstacle I face. I had to answer, “time.”  As the spring season progresses, time is going to race by over the next few weeks. The pace of everything in April and May here at School always seems jam-packed. And yet, it is important that we manage that time in some way. So many good things are happening, but we have to work at being in control of our time. Here is some advice as we move into this frenetic but beautiful time of the year:

  1. The Newsletter is a must read. Please read our Weekly Newsletter. If not for my letter, read it for the different posts created by our Division Directors and the valuable information in the “All-School News” section. It is critical to get a sense of the upcoming calendar and what is coming up in our community; that is key to managing our time. You just won’t believe the amount of activities you will see up ahead. From games; concerts; special coffees; Springfest; Grandparents and Special Friends Day; and the Golf Tournament; to the Closing Ceremonies; Promotion Day and Commencement; all of our upcoming events need to be addressed in a timely fashion. They also need to be enjoyed.
  2. Step Out of Your Comfort Zone. I mean this for all of us. We need to take our kids one day and go see a game. It could be lacrosse, baseball, softball, a tennis match, or the upcoming track meet next Tuesday — we need to just do it. Or if your children are on the Lower and Middle School Campus, stay for a little bit after carpool one day and watch a softball game. All of these opportunities are enjoyable, but they are also great opportunities for us to serve as role models for our kids. This is why I really hope that many of you will join us next Wednesday, April 15, at 7:30 p.m., at George Mason University for our Annual Arts Jam Concert. It is a great time for our youngest children to see our Upper Schoolers in action. They can begin to imagine themselves being on that stage some day and performing at the level you will experience. I promise you, you will not be disappointed. You will not believe the quality of the performance you will experience.
  3. Take pride in being a Husky.  There are so many occasions to feel proud of who we are! Just yesterday, it seemed every field had a game taking place on it. There was an exciting energy on both campuses. And we can take part in that by wearing a Husky hat, sweatshirt, t-shirt or whatever fits your personal style. Let others know that you are proud to be a Husky. I always love seeing Husky paws on cars whenever I am driving around town. This past weekend, as Emily and I were heading to our car after a two-hour hike at Sky Meadows Park out in Delaplane, we suddenly ran into a Flint Hill family wearing Flint Hill sweaters and shorts getting ready to start their hike. There is a sense of camaraderie, support, and family that we all experience at those moments, and we should all be proud of that!

Enjoy the fact that the temperatures are slowly inching up. And while there is rain in the forecast for most of this week, the weather promises to be much milder. Let’s take part in as many activities as we can, but at all times make certain that we smile and that we are happy to be part of a school that values engagement, activity and truly makes a difference.


Best wishes to you!

John M. Thomas