Dear Flint Hill School Families,

It is exciting to think we are on the verge of another school year. I trust that everyone has had a full and exciting summer vacation and we may not really want it to end…at least not yet. But the time is here! We need to begin the process of looking forward to what will prove to be an exciting and productive school year. I often tell parents that we have two major responsibilities:  We need to give our children our unconditional love and we need to get them educated. We are thrilled to partner with you on both fronts.

As the start of the school year gets underway, please keep two very simple concepts in mind.

  1. Read and listen. There is a lot of information that will be coming your way this year. Whether it is in this weekly newsletter, separate stand-alone emails or whatever it may be, please read through everything and listen to the advice and comments that are shared. Communication is key and we will work hard to get much needed information to you, to answer questions and to ensure we are all on the same page. Please know that as the school year gets underway, there is important material we will share to keep you informed about everything from carpools, coffees and homerooms to advisories, field studies and upcoming events.And be assured that we have taken a great time to read and listen to you as well. We have reviewed the tremendous feedback we received last year in the Parent Satisfaction Surveys. Your insights and comments were direct, honest, thoughtful and beneficial. We have taken your feedback to heart and I will share the results of that material soon.
  1. Engage. Participate as much as possible. Please join us in this adventure. We talk about relationships as being a key component of our School culture. We need to find ways to participate together in the experiences here at Flint Hill by attending activities and events and sharing your talents, input and support whenever and wherever necessary. Your engagement and constant participation with us are very important aspects of the culture we strive to promote at all three divisions. I look forward to seeing you at a future event as we kick off the new year and begin the rollout of the Strategic Plan you helped us craft last year.

As we move forward, please be on the lookout for ways that will help all of us do a better job in educating and caring for our young Huskies!

Best wishes to you! Enjoy these remaining days of summer and join me in looking ahead for an exciting and eventful school year ahead!!


John M. Thomas