Dear Parents,

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I also hope that we all took the opportunity to think about the many things we can be thankful for in our lives.  I know that as we made our trek down to South Carolina, I had time to think about how thankful I am for Emily, our family and Flint Hill. Flint Hill really is very special and unique school. I hope all of us realize that our children are exposed to a phenomenal faculty and staff, and are engaged in a vibrant, dynamic school culture.

In fact, when I got the email about “Giving Tuesday” and a reminder about our Flint Hill Fund, it was easy to make the decision to make another gift. And many members of our community felt the same way. On Tuesday, in less than 24 hours, we raised just under $72,000 in gifts and pledges. Past parents stepped forward, alumni and current parents made additional and increased gifts, and even though our faculty and staff was already at 100%, they made additional gifts! Combined with our $25,000 matching challenge, more than $90,000 was raised. Wow! And thank you!

If you were not able to join us yesterday, please know that the Flint Hill Fund continues throughout the year. At any time, you can make a pledge or gift online.  All the members of the Development Office are available to help you decide the best way to go about joining us in this process. Your active participation in their efforts benefits the most important people we know—your children!

Our students and our graduates are making an impact in the world. They have developed a poise, energy and confidence in themselves and in their desire to learn and grow intellectually that they will carry into adulthood. All of these attributes make them stand out at their colleges and universities and ultimately, in their careers and in their lives. Let’s all join in making this happen. Let’s make a bold and profound statement about our school and the impact it has on the lives of our children.

Best wishes as we move forward into December! The holiday season is now all around us with lights and an exciting sense of energy. I look forward to seeing each and every one of you at upcoming concerts and games!


Again, thank you!



John M. Thomas