Athletics Is About Community

Athletics has always been about community. It brings people together and gives us a reason to stand alongside one another. Additionally, it provides a range of values, lessons and emotions. Whether you are a player, a parent or a fan, athletics is a glue that connects many. For some, the love of sports runs deep. At any rate, the goal of high school sports has been to teach the values of life, to instill the characteristics that will last long beyond athletic abilities and to inspire a zest for success, accountability and collaboration. Equally important is that they build amazing relationships across the board and are often a point of connection between families on car rides and at the dinner table.

The impact and benefit of sports were seen in their absence during the pandemic. High schools struggled to find ways to promote community and school pride. Entire seasons were canceled, and the future of sports was uncertain. Fields, gyms, tracks and pools went unused as practices and competitions were canceled. Coaches, administrators and community members quickly had to figure out new ways to recreate the amazing benefits that athletic participation provides.

The moments of clarity and insight were plentiful, as many of us had opportunities to evaluate our priorities. Outside of the opportunity to compete and connect as a community, I think many realized how important athletic participation is to the mental health of our student-athletes. Coaches realized that addressing mental health and mental fortitude was just as important as if not more important than physical preparedness and game strategy. As seasons shut down and schools went to remote learning, we saw a rise in depression and anxiety.

Athletics has long been a pivotal part of the student experience at Flint Hill. Our kids are challenged to learn new skills and develop as scholars in the classroom, and that same ethos is mirrored in our athletic programs. We believe that every child should have an opportunity to experience the amazing benefits, challenges and opportunities for growth that come from participating in our sports offerings. That approach is grounded in our coaching, our policies and our curriculum.


Dewayne Robinson
Director of Athletics