Classic Holiday Books Become Learning Adventures in Junior Kindergarten

On December 17, our Junior Kindergarten students went on a fun, holiday adventure during the annual Gingerbread Escape!

All week, the class read different versions of gingerbread stories, including "The Gingerbread Man," "The Gingerbread Girl," "The Ninjabread Man," "The Runaway Tortilla," "The Matzah Man," "Gingerbread Man Superhero," and “The Gingerbread Man Loose in School." They talked about the differences and similarities of the stories.

Then the students designed their own cookie cutters using the 3D printer in our Lower School Innovation class. They observed first-hand the inner workings of 3D printing while making their gingerbread designs come to life. They had the opportunity to learn how the laser cutter worked by creating their gingerbread people and afterwards they decorated them.

To the student’s surprise, their gingerbread people went "missing.” However, the students remembered the stories they had read throughout the week, and they sprung into action and went on a hunt to find them.

Following clues left for them, the students visited several places at the Lower School campus and asked teachers, students and some of their parents, who work at Flint Hill, if they had seen their missing gingerbread people. They finally captured them on the Miller House porch and brought them back to their classrooms, where they transformed them into holiday ornaments!