Supporting Students’ Extracurricular Activities: Fostering a Passion For Singing


Patrick Logue Flint Hill Student

“We may have our differences, but music unites us all. It breaks down barriers like language to bring us all together.” - Patrick Logue ’25

Patrick Logue ’25 placed first in the Classical category and second in the Musical Theatre category at the Virginia National Association of Teachers of Singing Competition in February. Logue moved on to the mid-Atlantic Regional Competition in March, where he placed fourth in the Classical Category, advancing him to Nationals.

Patrick began singing at a very young age, almost at the same time that he started talking, according to Kathi Logue P’25. He began taking voice lessons at the age of 8. Last summer, he attended a vocal camp at Berklee College of Music.

Mrs. P Sarah Kathleen Pramstaller, Choral Teacher and Director of Musical Productions, said, "I have worked with Patrick Logue in four different ensembles here at Flint Hill. I met him in the middle school musical, and he then went on to join the middle school choir. Now I am thrilled to have him in both Major Minors and the upper school musical. Although very humble and understated, Patrick brings all of his outside experience to whatever he is part of here in our Fine Arts Department. He has an awesome work ethic and an excellent sense of humor. Simply put, Patrick is a joy to teach!"

Patrick Logue SoccerThanks to Flint Hill’s creative approach to managing students’ interests, Patrick was able to continue both of his passions: singing and soccer. Juggling extracurricular activities after school can be taxing and sometimes self-sacrificing for the student, especially when there are schedule constraints and little room for flexibility. However, with the help of Flint Hill’s faculty and staff, Patrick was able to get the individualized instruction he needed to participate in both activities.

“I have worked in several school systems in Maryland, and in some of my experiences, I saw schools that were so rigid. Flint Hill has not only fostered Patrick’s love of singing, but their flexibility allows him to explore multiple interests both in and out of school. Their creative approach with each student allows for a truly individualized experience for students with multiple interests,” said Kathi Logue P’25.

Patrick said he has two memorable moments in particular at Flint Hill: When he performed in his first musical (The Addams Family) and talent show in seventh grade and when he sang the National Anthem at an Upper School basketball game.