The Sign of a Husky: Parents Volunteers Surprise the Class of 2022

We know we have a supportive community, but when parents drive far and wide to recognize our seniors, we’re reminded just how lucky we are. Last week marked 100 days until graduation for the Class of 2022. The Alumni Office commemorated the day with a celebration at school and began the official countdown until the big day. The Parents’ Association continued the celebration by delivering yard signs to every senior home. What started as a way to recognize seniors in the class of 2020, while we were apart during the pandemic, has continued to be a special surprise to recognize and boost school spirit. Parent volunteers — who have a child in the junior class — were eager to jump right in to help. Some drove close to 100 miles round trip to make it happen. 

Liz Gavin Pao P’23, ’25 felt connected to fellow parents while getting a glimpse of the future for her soon-to-be senior. “I have a junior now and feel the time slipping away.” She commented on the experience by saying, “Some of my friends also volunteered to spread the joy, and it felt like we were all doing something special to mark an exciting time for the Class of 2022!” 

Our seniors live throughout the Washington, Virginia and Maryland region, so this special delivery was no small task for parent volunteers. Bradley Vineyard P’23, ’25 happily accepted the challenge and said, “It showed me how far and wide our students come to create the Flint Hill Community, and while we may not all live in the same city, county or zip code, we all are Huskies!” 

What a great reminder that, though our community spans many miles, we are all united as Huskies and willing to go the extra mile to support each other. As a Flint Hill family, we are savoring these last 100 days with the Class of 2022 until the next part of their journey: becoming alumni!