Nominations for Driving Spirit Award Are Open!

Driving Spirit Award Nominations Due December 31, 2021

Last year, the Driving Spirit Award was given to the entire faculty and staff as “one team” for the tremendous courage, compassion, leadership and support they demonstrated all year long. This year we would like to continue to consider individual nominations. 

As a reminder, the Driving Spirit Award recognizes current Flint Hill faculty and staff who have demonstrated ethical leadership, diligent intellectual scholarship and a commitment to teaching, coaching, mentoring and supporting our students. Recipients are recognized for their contributions to the “Driving Spirit,” which makes our school the special and unique place we all value and a place that honors excellence while emphasizing the importance of honesty, compassion, respect and responsibility. These faculty and staff members lead by example through their dedication and ability to energize and inspire Flint Hill’s community to new heights of learning and leadership, both inside and outside the classroom. They promote an element of excellence and are extraordinary in their effort.

Please think about the great current teachers and staff members in the Flint Hill community whom you believe fit this description. Emails and letters should be sent to Ana Yarbrough by Friday, December 31, 2021

Send your nominations to