Preserving Flint Hill Traditions

One of my favorite parts of Flint Hill is the traditions.

Traditions are important in our Flint Hill journey; they tell a story while providing a sense of belonging and meaning to our lives.

I was recently on campus, along with other parents of Lifers (the term given to students who have attended Flint Hill continuously from Junior Kindergarten or Kindergarten), and the idea of tradition really echoed in my mind.

I thought of long-standing traditions, like watching the Lifers gather around and light the lantern to symbolize the start of the school year. The lantern light will stay on, in the Headmaster’s Office, until each and every senior has crossed the finish and graduated. I have always watched this tradition, and now, I have experienced it as a senior parent. How have 13 years flown by so quickly? Our children have grown up a tremendous amount since their time in the Lower School; they have discovered different interests and paths. Meanwhile, we all remain a family.

I think of Lower School Husky Pride day and seeing all the kids in their spirit wear on Fridays. The first home football game. Watching the excitement of Huskies young and old when Klondike appears for a visit. John Thomas hosting Lower School students for ice cream socials. Watching Upper School students place flags on the lawn, honoring each life lost due to the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001. The glow of the Homecoming bonfire.

Every “old” tradition takes on a new meaning and feeling as new families join Flint Hill. They are moments that unite us and bring a sense of normalcy and rhythm to our school years. And, as our children grow up, they start to take on different meanings — watching vs. participating, for example.

Then, there are the new traditions, like the joy of opening day we experienced at The Den last week! Miller House Mondays, which have been wonderful to see parents attend. Middle Schoolers enjoying some new independence and space on the Terrace and on the Peterson Family Field during break and lunch.

As we approach October, and Homecoming is about a month away, we have so many opportunities to participate in our known traditions and make new ones. What are you most looking forward to? Come and tell me on Monday at the Miller House!

Go Huskies!
Sibel Unsal P’22
Parents’ Association President