A Good Week


This was a good week. It was wonderful to meet so many Lower School parents at the Parents’ Association grade level socials. I loved seeing everyone connect after not seeing each other in a very long time. It is so much fun to watch people get excited when they finally get to meet the parents of a child that they have heard so much about—this is community in the making.

I attended the Middle School play, and I was blown away! The confidence, talent and joy coming from our students were overwhelming. The Flint Hill Theater Department is top-notch, and it was so fun to see everyone in action! I was overjoyed to see so many parents and even Lower School families in the audience. One child, in particular, wanted to ensure I noticed everything that had changed about him since the last time I saw him!

I also went to lunch with a couple of friends who are now alumni parents. They were so curious about all the exciting things going on at Flint Hill. We spoke about how well their kids are doing in college now and how much they miss volunteering at the Igloo.

After not being at a basketball game in a while, I watched our Varsity boys defeat Episcopal at home. I really love watching our student-athletes do what they love and our fan section cheering them on. (Of course, we will have to see what happens tomorrow!)

This is my Flint Hill. Connecting with other parents, supporting our students, being there for our faculty/staff and having fun! We have a lot of exciting events coming up and I know there will be something for everyone. Join me!

Go Huskies!

Sibel Unsal
Parents’ Association President

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