All About the Teachers!


A couple of months ago, I asked you all to give me one word that describes Flint Hill teachers. I received lots of responses, and it shows me that you appreciate them like I do. And now, your kind words are hanging in each of the faculty lounges on campus as a daily reminder!

I asked my son what he thinks is the one thing that separates Flint Hill from other schools. He was quick to answer: the teachers. When I asked what made them different, he said that they do more, know more and care more. I agree!

Flint Hill has so many fantastic teachers, some my son had and others he didn’t, but almost all have played a role in his academic career. Whether it was the course they were teaching, guiding him through tough decisions, encouraging him to try his best, or just making him laugh — they have all been there for him.

For me the Flint Hill teachers have been my partners, mentors and some have become my close friends.

The Parents’ Association has programming and surprises throughout the year to show our teachers how much we value them, but sometimes a thank you means the most.

So, when you think of it, please email or write your teachers to say thank you, share a story and let them know what they mean to your family.

Go Huskies!

Sibel Unsal P ’22
Parents’ Association President

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