Homecoming Days: A Look Back

For this week’s Parent Tracks photos, I’m sharing some of my favorite parent throwbacks from homecoming of the past!


Homecoming is all about the people!

So many of my cherished memories of Homecoming are from volunteering and making new friends through countless adventures. You can sign up to volunteer here for Homecoming weekend.

  • In two weeks when you walk around and see those white husky paws on the concrete leading to the grass field, I’ll be remembering that sunny afternoon with Mike McClements when we painted them before the pep rally.
  • And then there was the windy day when Mica Howard and I were attempting to put tablecloths on Spirit Alley, and the wind kept blowing them away, and balloons were popping everywhere we looked!
  • While you’re eating a delicious burger at The Den, I’ll remember sharing the grill and wrapping with Rachel Hinnant.
  • I got to know Alexis Balkissoon really well after we were in touch a lot to track down her ring that had come off during Friday night festivities! Happy to report the ring was found and a new friendship was formed!!
  • As Klondike walks around campus, I’ll remember the year an alum came back to visit and shared that once when he donned the uniform, he found his little brother posing inside the costume!
  • My favorite memory of all is leaving after a long, fun day of working the hut with Tina Rafalovich and Michelle Stanciu and realizing that I smelled of grill!


I love seeing the community come together, and what resonates with me is that, in some ways, Homecoming was the starting point for volunteering — working side-by-side with folks I had never met nor interacted with before led to future coffees, playdates, socials, and the comfort of knowing that there would be another familiar face to see the next time I came to campus.

So, whether you grab a friend and sign up for a volunteer shift or just find one that works for you, I hope you consider volunteering at some point in the weekend. I can’t wait to hear your stories, and I’m looking forward to experiencing the new memories we will make together! Come to Miller House Monday on October 18 and ask questions; bring your stories and sign up to volunteer!


Go Huskies!

Sibel Unsal P ‘22
Parents’ Association President